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Get the CrossFit Equipment You Need to Meet the Challenge of the Next Murph Event
Every Memorial Day, fitness fanatics compete in the Murph Challenge, the ultimate CrossFit event that benefits the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. The Murph workout gets its name from Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, a soldier killed in Afghanistan who favored the CrossFit workout. Truly a challenge, the “Murph” consists of 100 pull-ups, 200  and 300 squats with a one-mile run at the start and finish. At Power Systems, we offer a wide variety of CrossFit equipment to help you get your best time yet at the next Murph challenge. Our top quality chin-up bars, weighted vests, training rings, bumper plates and more CrossFit gear will increase strength and agility in the individual or for an entire workout class. Preparation is an essential component of any CrossFit event. Choose what you need to improve your ability in every area of the workout.

How Will the CrossFit Equipment from Power Systems Help Me Prepare?
Those participating in the Memorial Day event have the choice whether they will wear a weighted vest that is usually no more than 20 pounds. Having the ability to add weight to the vest in ½ pound increments while doing your CrossFit training will allow you to build up your strength and endurance gradually so that you are ready for a more intense performance once the big day rolls around. The Univest also allows the weight to be distributed evenly, providing the best possible balance during activity. of making a weighted vest part of your CrossFit gear include increasing strength and endurance and improving musculoskeletal and cardiovascular health.

Which Equipment Will Help Me Prepare For Any CrossFit Event?
While the Murph is considered the ultimate CrossFit event for many athletes, many people simply prefer the benefits of following a cross-fit exercise routine. Chin-up bars make CrossFit training for the pull-up part of the event an easy task while a medicine ball adds resistance and variety to your workouts. Suspension training will help you build muscle and strength. The Perfect Pushup lets you engage more muscles in the arms, chest, shoulders and back while reducing the strain on your arm joints. A variety of equipment will help you build strength and prepare for all types of events or increase your resistance to get better results from your regular workouts. You can count on Power Systems to provide you with the top quality gear you need to improve on your weaknesses and grow even stronger in the areas where you excel.
The Murph has become a popular annual event for athletes and fitness fanatics who appreciate the extensive benefits of regular CrossFit training and those who want to challenge themselves to deliver an even more impressive performance than the one they had the year before. Prepare for your best performance ever with the leading CrossFit equipment from Power Systems.

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