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The Mymanu CLIK Wireless Earbuds are set to revolutionize how we communicate, allowing the wearer to interact with others in different languages, both locally and over a long distance range. With the groundbreaking ability to translate 37 languages in real-time. CLIK will help drive collaboration and break down language barriers in new and exciting ways, allowing for comfortable travel, freedom of movement and communication with everyone whilst enjoying amazing music quality.

CLIK utilizes intelligent touch control, with an advanced sensor embedded into the buds themselves. All of the most common gestures and commands are supported: a single tap will play or pause your music, answer a call or check your notifications. A directional swipe will take you to the last or next track, as well as declining any incoming calls. Tapping and holding the sensor will activate the voice command feature, for simple and efficient control over the buds.

One of CLIKs most exciting features is its ability to translate different languages, with the translation delivered to the in real-time. Whether asking for directions in another country, striking a deal at an international business meeting or taking an order from a tourist at a hotel or restaurant, CLIK ensures that language no longer stands in the way of efficient interaction. Interact with multiple people in different locations at one time. CLIK uses its own patented embedded software and application to make translation possible. Just connect the CLIK translate app to the using Bluetooth technology. Enter a unique passcode and share it with the one you want to talk to. Select out of the 30 different languages the one you want to

The stunning charging case is as much a part of the product as the buds themselves. This beautifully designed capsule case features a magnetic alignment system, which ensures that the buds are charging correctly. The case also comes with a single USB output, so you can charge your smartphone or tablet simultaneously. CLIK works most effectively when synced with one of these devices and the charging case ensures never be without your or your mobile devices.

CLIK is as beautiful as it is functional. The seamless integration of all parts, from the touch panel and LED ring to the body itself, is streamlined and stylish. They are highly ergonomic, with a variety of sizes in silicone ear tips and covers that ensure a reliable, comfortable fit. There is a beautiful harmony of materials and finishes combined into one unique design that exudes contemporary sophistication. All charging points are unobtrusive, so ensuring the full of juice is simple, and take up too much space.

Product Details
  • Materials

Live Voice Translation Into 37 Languages
Leading Battery Life of 6 Hours
100% Wireless
Smart Touch Control Panel to Access Call, Text, Music, Siri/Google...
Aural Notification for Calls and Texts
Passive Noise Cancellation
Smart MEMS Microphones
Personalized LED
Wireless Charging Case for Earbuds and Phones
APTX Codec for HD Sound
Warranty: Manufacturer's 1 Year
Compatible With iOS and Android Devices

Charging Case with USB Port for Extra Device Charging
CLIK Earbuds
Small, Medium or Large Ear Covers
Charging Cable

Arabic (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, + International)
Bahasa (Indonesia)
Chinese (Hong Kong/Traditional)
English (Australia, Great Britain, US, India)
French (France + Canada)
Mandarin (China/Simplified + Taiwan/Traditional)
Portuguese (Brazil + Portugal)
Spanish (Spain + Latin America)

How does it work? Do you need Wi-Fi?

+ are truly wireless that connect to each other via NFMI. As soon as you take them out of the case they pair! NFMI is a new technology that increases stability. You then simply connect them to your phone via . The touch control panel lets you access functionalities such as music (skip, play/pause), volume, assistants like Siri or Google, answer calls and texts and the translation. The translation requires our own unique, App, Mymanu Translate, which can translate into 37 languages. All you need to do is select your language, select the language of your friend and chat in your own language. You simply tap and hold the and speak. Your friend will hear the translation in his/her own (if he/she has one) or through your own phone (very handy when asking people on holiday the street) You do not swap with strangers which is not hygienic. The translation is done on 4G or wifi. The App is free to Mymanu owners.

Can it be used to make & answer phone calls?

Yes, it connects to your phone via Bluetooth and you can take calls, answer texts, listen to GPS and music.

If I'm conversing with someone speaking Spanish, will it translate what the person is saying and allow me to answer the person back in Spanish?

That's correct! You will answer in your own language and they will hear in Spanish. They do not need to wear an . You don't swap either.

If I walk up to someone in a foreign country (whether on the street or a waiter at a restaurant), can I have my and when they respond, it will automatically translate into my buds?

You are 100% right. If they don't wear Mymanu Clik+, they will need to speak the microphone your phone and you will hear them in your . The translation will also appear on your phone screen. You don't need to share your with strangers would not be hygienic at all.

Does it require the person(s) you are talking to have buds also?

Once you select your language, you will hear all conversations with other people in your own language straight into your ear. The person you speak to will also need to select their language. 37 languages are so far are fully supported. You will also get the transcript of the conversation on your screen - very handy for direction or business meetings.

If the person you speak to doesn't wear Mymanu Clik, he/she can speak into your phone and you will hear the translation into your ear. You don't swap .

What about warranty?

The standard warranty of 1-year applies to the .

How long does the device take to translate a sentence?

It depends on the speed of the wifi or phone signal. If the speed is fast, it is simultaneous.

Will more languages be added?

Yes, new languages are added on a regular basis depending on customers' requests. All languages are uploaded on to the most recent Mymanu Translate App which is available and Android store.

Which phones does it work with?

Clik+ can connect via Bluetooth with most smartphones like the iPhone (XS, XR, 8, 7, 6, 5), Samsung, Xiomi, Huawei, Google. , LG.

Does your app translate and work in China?

Translate App uses its own proprietary translation system using many it can be used in many countries including China.

What about volume control when listening to music?

You can control the volume and tracks by tapping the .

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