Zoom Freedrum Complete Kit // Natural Wood
Zoom Freedrum Complete Kit // Natural Wood
Zoom Freedrum Complete Kit // Natural Wood

Freedrum Complete Kit // Natural Wood

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Drum anytime, anywhere with the Freedrum Complete Kit. This virtual drum kit features four lightweight sensors that connect to your device via Bluetooth to realistically emulate a 12 piece drum kit making it easier than ever to bring the drumming experience from soundproof studios to the outdoors, your sofa, or anywhere else you like to jam out. Whether you're an aspiring drummer or you have been doing it for decades, Freedrum is designed to create an immersive experience for drummers of any skill level!

Just slip 2 sensors on your drumsticks and the other 2 sensors on your feet, pair them with your device, and take them anywhere. No heavy drum kit, internet connection, or electrical outlet required. Longer lasting batteries will keep you drumming for 14 hours and easily recharge in just 1 hour.

The dedicated Freedrum app makes it simple to set up and personalize your drum kit over 10 zones, practice along with the built in metronome, and adjust audio settings like reverb and volume of each instrument. You can even connect Freedrum to your preferred audio workstation (DAW) and play or record using an endless library of samples from any software developer. Small, lightweight and easy to set up, it's never been more simple honing your skills while on the go.

Product Details
  • Colors Black, Natural
  • Materials
    Natural Wood
  • OriginSweden

Warranty: Manufacturer's 12 Months
Sensors Realistically Emulate A 12-piece Drum Kit
Easily Attach Sensors For Drum Sticks + Feet
Works With MIDI Over Bluetooth
Connects Seamlessly To Preferred Audio Workstation (DAW)
Battery Life: Approx. 14 Hours Per Charge
Charge Time: 1 Hour
Sensors Can Be Attached To Any Drumstick
Compatible with iOS, MacOS, Android, & Windows 10
Dedicated App Requires iOS 11 Or Higher / Android 7.0 Or Higher
Compatible With: iPhone 5S & Above / iPad Air / iPad Mini 2 & Above/ All iPad Pro Models / All 5th Get iPod Touch Devices / Google Pixel 1, 2, & 3 / Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, & S9 / Samsung Galaxy A6 & A7 / One Plus 6

4 Freedrum Sensors
2 Natural Wood Drumsticks
2 Straps For Your Sticks
2 Straps For Your Feet
2 Charging Cables

Drumsticks: A7; 0.55" x 15.55"L
Sensor Packs: 1.57"L x 1.18"W x 7.87"H

Does it have the capability to play along with background tracks or other apps?

Yes, you can use the Freedrum app in the background to play along with Youtube, Spotify or any other streaming/playing service you use.

Vendor: touchofmodern

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