Zoom META 360 V2 Legacy Pack
Zoom META 360 V2 Legacy Pack
Zoom META 360 V2 Legacy Pack
Zoom META 360 V2 Legacy Pack

META 360 V2 Legacy Pack

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META 360 is the next step in the evolution of core-based devices. Other products can only offer a limited range of motion, but the four wheels on the Meta 360 gives you a full 360 so that you can target specific abdominal muscle groups. This design forces you to self-stabilize, and the hand grips and foot cradles make the 360 incredibly versatile, maximizing your workouts.

Product Details
  • Colors Black, Green
  • Materials
  • Measurements
    9.2"L x 10.4"W x 2.3"H
  • United States origin

Warranty: Manufacturer's 45 Days
Exercises For Every Fitness Level
Targets Core + Glutes
Portable + Lightweight
Each Device Weighs Just 2lbs

2 Meta 360 Devices
Knee Pads
Workout Guide + Menu

What does this product work well on?

The Meta 360 flows well on wood, tile, ceramic floors, rubber gym floor,
Commercial carpets, smooth finished cement is also ok.

Every couple of weeks, it's suggested that you lubricate the wheels with standard baby oil to keep the ball bearing inside moist. Your use will determine how often you lubricate the wheels.

Does this include access to their online video workout library?

Yes, the workout guide is on the Meta360 website and downloadable.
Additionally, all workout videos and clips are available as well as no
Additional cost.

Is it smooth on the carpet?

Depends on the type of carpet. It will roll on any carpet, but works
much better on commercial-style carpets that are not fluffy. Keep in mind
that this device has wheels and space exists between the wheel and the
wheel well. Fluffy carpet fibers may be pulled into the wheel well and
damage the device and carpet.

Vendor: touchofmodern

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