Zoom Phigolf Swing Stick WGT Edition
Zoom Phigolf Swing Stick WGT Edition
Zoom Phigolf Swing Stick WGT Edition
Zoom Phigolf Swing Stick WGT Edition

Phigolf Swing Stick WGT Edition

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Play on the world's best courses from your own home simulating the best golf year round with the Phigolf WGT Edition with Swing Stick. You can now use your real golf swing on the world famous Championship course on this mobile golf game simulator. The 9-axis 3D swing sensor picks up your motion through the PhiGolf swing stick and shows it through the realistic graphics on the screen. Be amazed as the avatar on-screen mirrors your swing in real-time!

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the World Golf Tour (WGT) PhiGolf is compact and portable so you can play anywhere. Create the ultimate golf-game simulator set up in your living room, office, hotel, or backyard! All you need is your web connected smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth to enjoy hours of fun. For an even more impressive and immersive golfing experience to play on a big screen using screen mirroring on a Smart TV or using a HDMI connection.

Whether you're searching for a unique present for the holidays or an alternative to traditional arcade and video games, PhiGolf WGT Edition is the perfect choice.

Product Details
  • Colors Black
  • Materials
  • Measurements
    24"L x 1.2"W x 1.75"H
  • Origin South Korea

Warranty: Manufacturer's 1 Year
Includes Swing Stick
9-Axis 3D Swing Sensor
Compact & Portable
Suitable For Indoor & Outdoor Use
Perfect For Players Of All Skill Levels
Compatibility: iOS 9.0+ / Android 6.0+
Bluetooth 4.1 Connectivity
Range: Works Up To 10m From Source
Battery Life: 4 Hours
Charge Time: Full Charge In 2 Hours
Swing Stick Dimensions: 24.4"
Works with 2 Apps: WGT Golf (1 Course free, $1.99/month For Full Access) & Phigolf (Completely Free!)

Is this the 2019 WTG version?

Phigolf WGT Edition w/Swing Stick works with the latest version of WGT.

What is full-app?

Full access on WGT means with the paid subscription you have access to all the real-life golf courses offered by WGT on their app. It's a pretty amazing list. Without the subscription, you can still play Wolf Creek (e.g. Pebble Beach, Beth Page Black, etc.) And then you also always have the many courses created by the minds of the PhiGolf team on the PhiGolf app.

Is it wireless if I use it with my web connected smart tv?

The Phigolf WGT edition is played on an app that runs only on smartphones and tablets (iOS/Android). If you'd like to view the app on your TV you would mirror your smartphone/tablet on your TV in the standard ways (e.g. An HDMI video cable that connects your phone to your TV or mirror via a set-top box for your tv (like Apple TV))

If your question is - will the PhiGolf WGT edition apps run directly on a web-connected smart TV - the answer is no. You need a smartphone or tablet.

What's the cost of a subscription?

The WGT subscription for use with Phigolf is $2/month.

Will this work left handed?

This unit will work for both left and right handed players.

Do I need internet?

Yes, your device needs to be connected to the internet.

What is the minimum height the ceilings can be?

Naturally, this depends on the player's height mostly. We've had 5' 10" or so people using the included club in a room with 8' ceiling with room to spare. But to be sure, know that the club is about 25" from handle end to tip - so maybe find a stick about that length and try a few swings where you might be playing.

Do I need to have multiple swing sticks to use it in a multiplayer mode?

This Phigolf edition includes both the WGT app and the Phigolf Game app.

On the WGT app, to play a round consisting of two players, both players need their own swing stick, sensor, and smartphone with the wgt app.- even if in the same room (i.e -the setup can't be passed back and forth between players). This is no different than if you were to play around in WGT (without using phigolf) with a friend. You would both need a smartphone with WGT installed to play each other.

On the Phigolf app (the other game app that comes with the unit), you can pass back and forth the sensor/stick and play up to 4 people on one smartphone setup.

Vendor: touchofmodern

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