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At its most basic level, the Vector is a lightweight, portable dial-in resistance cable system featuring:

  • Quick set-up that can be used anywhere there is an appropriate anchor that can accept a carabiner
  • Immediate, on-demand ability to change weight/resistance levels with the simple turn of a dial
  • Resistance provided by specialized, lightweight cables reinforced with Kevlar® fibers
  • Every swap of resistance cables allow the Vector to be configured with weight ranges of 10 to over 110 lbs.
  • Reduced snap-back risk with the dual design of the Vector cylinder and Kevlar® reinforced resistance cables
  • Seamless integration with your favorite cable attachment handles expanding the Vector's versatility and exercise options

Therefore, the Vector can ultimately provide access to resistance cable exercises in studio classes, outdoor boot camps, and other places throughout a facility where large cable machines simply cannot go.

Vendor: Phee Phoe's Place

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