Zoom ReAthlete // Deep4s
Zoom ReAthlete // Deep4s
Zoom ReAthlete // Deep4s
Zoom ReAthlete // Deep4s

ReAthlete // Deep4s

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Engineered to help soothe sore muscles, break down knots, increase blood flow, and release stored lactic acid, the ReAthlete Deep4s Massage Gun is perfect for post-workout release and pre-workout relaxation.

This ergonomically designed massager provides an intense percussive beat that ripples even the most ripped triceps and chiseled pecs. As the foam mallet smacks down on your sore muscles, youll begin to feel dramatic relief almost instantly. This deep vibration not only penetrates pain points to offer long term relief, it helps to create a body wide sense of relaxation to help you feel invigorated and keep up your exercise regime.

Percussive massage can also aid in enhanced muscle strength and improved muscle recovery. By increasing blood circulation and bringing more oxygen and nutrients into the muscle, Deep4s effectively reduces muscle fatigue and soreness post workout to help significantly improve your overall athletic performance.

With 5 interchangeable massage heads, 4 intensity levels, and a clear LCD screen, Deep4s makes it easy to customize your massage to suit your needs. And thanks to the long lasting rechargeable battery, there's no need to worry about it cutting out in the middle of your session. All that's left to do is lay back, relax, and breathe as your sore muscles and painful knots melt away under the intense percussive massage.

Product Details
  • ColorsRich Black, Shamrock Green, Dodgers Blue, Astronaut, Light Gray
  • Materials
    Silicon, Resin

Powerful Percussion Massage Tool
Quiet Brushless Motor Delivers Up To 3,200 RPM (20-53 RPS)
4 Intensities: Soft Massage For Sensitive Areas, Medium Massage For Pectorals And Larger Areas., Intense Massage Ideal For Glutes Or Back, & Extreme Massage Mode
5 Interchangeable Heads
Ergonomic Design For Full-Body Reach
12mm Stroke
Multiple Handling Positions
Adjustable Arm
Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery
Run Time: 4 Hours
Charge Time: 90 Minutes
Gift Ready Packaging & Travel Case Included

Is this FDA approved? If yes, what is the FDA approval number?

This product does not require FDA approval.
We do have the following certifications that related to this product:
MSDS, CE, FC, RoHS, UN38.3,

How much does it weigh?

The total product weight includes a full package with charger and head attachment is 5.51156 LB (2.5KG).
The product weight alone is 2.66 LB (1..2 KG)

Whats the noise level? Does it have a brushless motor?

ReAthlete motor is indeed a brushless motor for a better percussion massage experience.
The noise level is less than 55 db on the most powerful speed.

What the max force?

There are 4 speeds with 4 force levels:
20Hz / 1200 RPM
30Hz / 1800 RPM
40Hz / 2400 RPM
54Hz / 3200 RPM

Is there a warranty?

You have a 1-year warranty for this product, all you need to do it's just register at Reathlete website (In the product packaging you have an insert with all the information)

What is the tissue penetration depth?

We design a 12mm stroke length & width for deep muscle treatment.

Where is the motor for this massager manufactured?

We manufacture our battery in China.

Vendor: touchofmodern

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