Zoom Skin Care Accessories
Zoom Skin Care Accessories

Skin Care Accessories


Offer Silk'n skin care accessories to your visitors!

Skin that’s never felt fresher

Imagine feeling like you’ve been pampered at a high-end salon every time you wash your face. That’s the luxurious, effective cleaning experience you can expect with Silk’n Fresh.

If you’re looking for complete facial cleansing, this product offers you the perfect two-in-one solution. With a built-in dispenser that allocates just the right amount of facial cleanser, our vibrating brush gives you a cleaning experience like you’ve never imagined.

You’ll get a deeply clean, fresh feeling all in one convenient device.

  • 360o Vibration Technology deeply cleans the skin
  • Removes 6x more makeup than manual cleansing
  • Stimulates skin for a soft, radiant complexion
  • Minimises enlarged pores
  • Improves the absorption of skincare creams and lotions
  • Ultimate travel convenience - never pack face wash again!


Add the Silk'n Pink Cleanse to your facial routine for best results!

This luscious formula is enriched with Rosehip Seed oil and is gentle enough to use on your face every day. Use it to unclog your pores, remove surface oils, dirt and makeup while revealing your skins natural healthy glow.



Vendor: Phee Phoe's Place

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