Zoom Thera-Band Pro Series SCP Stability Ball
Zoom Thera-Band Pro Series SCP Stability Ball
Zoom Thera-Band Pro Series SCP Stability Ball
Zoom Thera-Band Pro Series SCP Stability Ball
Zoom Thera-Band Pro Series SCP Stability Ball
Zoom Thera-Band Pro Series SCP Stability Ball

Thera-Band Pro Series SCP Stability Ball

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High Quality ball at an affordable price! 

Features include:

 • Slow Deflate Advantage™
 • Superior comfort without excessive softness
 • Includes two plugs, an inflation adapter, and a measuring tape to help insure proper inflation
 • Includes Thera-Band® Exercise Ball Guide Poster detailing 24 exercises

Available in 4 sizes: 

45 cm (suggested body height between 4'7" - 5'0")

55 cm (suggested body height between 5'1" - 5'6")

65 cm (suggested body height between 5'7" - 6'1")

75 cm (suggested body height between 6'2" - 6'8")


Stability balls are only to be used for body weight exercises. In order to insure that all users are aware of this restriction, as well as other precautions, the Thera-Band ball is imprinted with the following warning:


WARNING: Read Instruction Sheet, including safety precautions and inflation instructions, prior to use. The ball can burst, and serious injury may result if the ball is over inflated, becomes cut or otherwise damaged, or is used while lifting weights. Examine the ball carefully for blemishes or cuts before each use.


45cm - (18”) PRO Series SCP Stability Ball  - YELLOW 
55cm - (22”) PRO Series SCP Stability Ball  - RED 
65cm - (26”) PRO Series SCP Stability Ball  - GREEN 
75cm - (30”) PRO Series SCP Stability Ball - BLUE


Stability Balls

Improve Core Strength and Balance with the Best Stability Balls from Performance Systems
Both sports and conditioning professionals and physical therapists know that stability balls are incredibly useful for a wide variety of physical fitness and rehabilitation tasks. Stability ball exercises can be used by anyone from children to the elderly to improve balance and coordination, increase strength and endurance, strengthen the core muscles and complement any resistance or aerobic fitness program. In Europe, stability balls have even been used as chairs in classrooms, resulting in improved concentration, posture and better overall organizational skills. Power Systems offers a full range of stability balls, stability ball chairs, posters, and storage racks almost any fitness or rehabilitation environment.

What Are the Benefits of Stability Balls?
One of the primary benefits of a stability ball is the fact that its use requires multiple muscle systems and thus it encourages the body to react as a whole, instead of only one joint or muscle group. Workout balls challenge the whole body to maintain correct posture and balance throughout dynamic exercise movements. The balls can also be incorporated into Pilates, weight training and abdominal fitness these reasons and more, stability balls and stability ball chairs have become an important tool in the physical therapy and rehabilitation arenas. Any population of any age can use them and exercise balls can be safely used at home by patients who are continuing their rehabilitation. What’s more, stability balls are fun to use and are inexpensive, so they can be used in both home and professional fitness settings. Power Systems exercise balls range in sizes, colors and types, to suit beginning exercisers, people in rehabilitation or advanced athletes.

How Do I Choose the Best Stability Balls and Accessories from Power Systems?
The right stability ball equipment for you will depend on your setting and your goals. Smaller facilities and those who want to use a stability ball at home will perhaps only need one exercise ball and an exercise ball chair. Larger installations may benefit from having a range of stability balls and chairs, along with a storage rack and a stability ball training poster, chart and DVD. All of these options and more are available from Power Systems, so check out our supply and let us help you outfit your location with the best balls and accessories.

Price: $22.76-$50.95


Vendor: Phee Phoe's Place

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