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Just Jump System

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Versatile! Measures Jumps, Sprints, Explosive Leg Power, Anaerobic Capacity and Contact Time.



 Computer displays height and hang time for one jump and average ground contact, height and hang time for four jumps. 

  • Computes foot quickness (shuttle runs and dashes) and explosive leg power rating. 
  • Records 60 jumps, then averages heights, contact times and leg power for first and last 15 jumps, in addition to a fatigue factor rating. 
  • Extremely accurate and eliminates guesswork. 
  • Portable, easy to operate, sets up in seconds. 
  • Use for testing athletic performance as well as charting rehabilitation. 
  • Battery operated, 1 year warranty. 
  • (27" x 27" mat with hand held computer

     Testing: Includes: Body Fat Testing, Flexibility Testing, Functional Testing, Heart Rate Monitors, Jump Testing, Speed Stopwatches, and Timers.


    Price: $619.00 

    Vendor: Phee Phoe's Place

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